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STANOZOLOL(Winstrol) - 25mg/tab 50 Tabs/bag - EP - USA
Chemical Name:Stanozolol
Comes In: 25mg tab
Dosage: 50-100mg/day
Active time: 48 hours
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid
Anabolic Ratio 320/ Androgenic Ratio 30
Method of Administration: injectable and oral

Steroid Class: Stanozolol belonging to the DHT-family of steroids.
Winni is great for promoting muscle growth with basically no water retention. When he cannot aromatize so estrogen side effects are not a problem for even the most gyno prone individuals.
Winni is great when used for cutting giving the user that dry shredded appearance.
Winstrol is great for individuals looking to increase muscle strength, power and speed, without an increase in bodyweight, such as runners and fighters.

Winni lowers SHBG even at low doses the benefit is greater free testosterone. It is always beneficial when using Winni with test.
This will allow for more free testosterone. Essentially Winni will make your test work better for you.
Winni can stress the liver and raise LDL and lower HDL.
Men doses normally range 40-60mg 6-8weeks
Advanced users may go upward of 100mg Ed.

Women doses normally range 10mg Ed for 6weeks. Advanced users may go up to 15-20mg keeping an eye on viralization.

Sex hormone-binding globulin response to the anabolic steroid stanozolol: evidence for its suitability as a biological androgen sensitivity test

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