Hurricane Henri

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Thread: Hurricane Henri

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    yeah Wes- I live in S.C so we get about 2 or 3 a year or so. Not much u can do but ride them out bro- make sure u got plenty of candles, batteries, bottled water. And some stuff u can eat w/o elect.- Tell u what comes in very handy- make sure u got plenty of gas for ur grill. U can heat/cook alot of shit on a gas grill w/ no power. And make sure u got somewhere that's HIGH UP. Just in case the water rises. Otherwise, hunker down and expect wind/rain and alot of it. Hugo was the worst we've seen in S.C. Think it was in the mid-90's? Never seen/heard anything like it. Had to go thru Francis Marion nat'l forest maybe 3 mo's later. THOUSANDS of trees down! Unbelievable. Hopefully nothing like that- Good Luck bro!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GYMnTONIC View Post
    What's up Lifter

    How are u sir!
    Bwahaha hey seems hes favoring you alittle more, I only got 2 negs from his gimmicks today ...but boy does he like to hear himself talk the messages he writes in that small box amazes me does he write all that bs in such a small box
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