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Just thought I'd share my bloodwork numbers after 6 weeks of VAR:

Me: 58yrs, 195lbs, on TRT 100mg/Week, I do take Liptor 5mg/day

Recently decided to run VAR again, 6 weeks at 50 mg/day, split 25mg am, 25mg pm. JPAL's Var and I loved it!

Did bloodwork before:
Total Cholesterol 153, LDL 92, HDL 48, Triglyceride 65

After 6 weeks of VAR
Total Cholesterol 250(+53pts), LDL 134(+42pts), HDL 44, Triglyceride 356(+291)

I embarked on a 8 week "eat a shit ton of fish, and take a lot of fish oil", and added Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10 as well.

After 8 weeks of that:
Total Cholesterol 131
LDL 66
HDL 54
Triglyceride 53

Damn, they're all better than before I started the VAR.

1) Var IS bad on lipids
2) Diet does really matter
Which red yeast rice did u choose to go with?

Weird to me how little things can help lower that cholesterol, for me nothing lowers it...