My TD from a few months back

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    My TD from a few months back

    Been meaning to post this even if it was a bit late. Made my first order back in mid-late March.
    -Communication was pretty quick and straight forward, following his instructions makes it smoother for both of us, usually got a reply within a day or two unless it was the weekend or Monday since hes off and busy.
    -Delivery was pretty quick, took about 7-9 days
    -Packaging was very discrete and tightly wrapped enough to make sure everything would make it even if things got bumpy, did a really good job with packaging.
    Ordered a bunch of Test Cyp 250 to try out first, sort of wish I mixed in some other things but hopefully will be able to try some in the future. And have had the past months trying it out alongside some other Test's to see how they compared. And can say with confidence, I am pleased.
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