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    Just got done working late tonight so I wouldn’t have to come in tomorrow, also got a baby sitter lined up for 3 hours tomorrow so that we can have some time together for my birthday weekend… I’ve been planning this all week. I was really looking forward to finally get some uninterrupted birthday sex.

    7 out of 10 times that we’re doing it our baby wakes up screaming (she sleeps next to us and we try to transfer her to crib) and my wife just lets me pound her out real quick and bust a nut and tells me not worry about getting her off which sucks because it’s obviously way better when we both can cum together.

    It’s been weeks since I had some good sex. And my libido is killing me, I have never been so sexually frustrated in my whole life…I cannot tell you guys how much I was looking forward to this.

    Then my wife just sends me this 5 mins ago:

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