Your wife is pissed at you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtySuperman View Post
    It all depends on the reason she's pissed off.
    This right here.

    my wife runs her own salon and is really good at what she does. I usually cut my own hair but I cannot reach my back and I like my beard well kemp. Shes usually pissed at me but I have to get my back shaved and my beard trimmed regardless. Many times she has done this for me while fuming mad.

    Live dangerously and take chances I say. Otherwise are you really living or merely surviving? If she was ever mad at me for banging her arch nemesis then Id ask the fatties at Supercuts to at least shave my back. I dont trust anyone (but my wife) with my awesome Spartan like beard tho.
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    Haircut = 1
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    Take what you get...

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