1st... I'm old school...back in the days of MM 2000..B.Phills..When parabolin was only available from France at 76.mgs per vial...and when Deca was used by Everyone..

2nd...No one was gluten free or allergic to peanut butter..and AI's didn't exist..

So..at some point the table was turned...I missed that episode..and Deca became the Devil...I have met the Devil and Deca is not Him..

I see all kinds of threads on the down sides of probably the 2nd best compound out there..and I will tell you this I have never had any of those listed..Not One...in over 20+ yrs...maybe 30...

But what really gets me hot is that people won't even give it a try due to the bad reviews...but jump on the Tren train fast as hell.. What's up with that???

Just foolish..
At least give it a try...it has been in my cycles from cycle 2...And I've lost count..

I'm not saying people don't have problems with it..What I am saying is that every side people are bitching about...Yeah bitching about may not be the Deca... especially now days with no solid protocols or good logic in using PEDs..

But Mainly saying...if you've never tried it..you are missing out..even at a low dose it does wonders..

For the ones it doesn't F with...it is a Godsend

But for the ones it does...find a way to make it work...lower dose,short run or just NPP..