Trap bar farmers carrier?

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    Trap bar farmers carrier?

    For you guys that do this how are guys doing it, highest possible load with belt and straps or without?

    I done 500 with belt&straps but without I struggle with +315 do I lose a lot of the benefits with this exercise if I use belt&straps?

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    In competition in strongman we do a variety of farmers carries for practice. The most versatile being independent farmers carry handles. They tend to have a 2-3" axle grip.

    So the Trap Bar is certainly way way easier. But this is not to say that it won't convert to strength because it will. We often will train with a belt on, belt off, straps on , straps off. Fluctuate a variety of this lift for ultimate strength in it.

    Def will convert to additional abdominal and core strength, leg strength, shoulder strength, arm strength, forearm strength, etc.

    The most common aspect I see with bodybuilders and that includes me when I started competing in strongman, is we lack grip strength, bc truly we rarely train it or do enough forearm work for the events that Strongman requires.

    I do think rotating straps with no straps is one of the best ways to improve strength in the hands and forearms. Captains of Crush and other exercises including holds will also help.

    So I guess it depends on your ultimate goals, or which benefit of farmers carries you are looking to do.

    To give you an idea of what a LW strongman will use weight wise, we will go anywhere from 300-400lbs per hand with no straps for say 50-100' in a competition. Most average LW (231 lbs or less) can't even budge it off the ground minus straps fyi.

    This is why it is vital to practice these regularly to get stronger.

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