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Low Dose Sustanon/ Proviron Log w/ Labs

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    Low Dose Sustanon/ Proviron Log w/ Labs

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to start a log for my recent cycle and had some questions. Also wanted to post labs for Vision and the PSL crew to show that the gear is absolutely legit.


    PSL Sustanon 250 - 1/2 ML every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (375/week)
    PSL Proviron 25 mg - 1 pill (25mg) every day

    Good Notes:

    1.) I feel fantastic mentally. My mood feels extraordinarily stable in a good way. No mood swings, no anger, very happy uplifting feeling every day. I'm very much excited to get into the gym and have a wonderful outlook on life.

    2.) Appetite is massive, I could eat all day every day.

    3.) Sex is GREAT! Libido is nice, no loss off erection, performance is great.

    4.) No night sweats or loss of sleep which is nice.

    5.) Loosing fat at a nice steady rate, packing on muscle.

    6.) No hair loss

    7.) Perhaps the biggest positive, I HAVE ZERO ACNE, my skin is perfectly clear!! I have a little bit on my back but its absolutely nothing compared to my first cycle. Very happy with this result.

    Bad Notes:

    1.) Pubertal gyno is slowly getting a little puffy, but only on my left side. (more on this later)

    2.) Slight increase in fatigue after 10 weeks, hard to get moving in the morning sometimes.

    3.) Acne is slowly, and I mean slowly, starting to pick up, but only after 10 weeks. Nothing to be alarmed about but something I'd like to combat.

    Questions: (Labs Posted Below)

    1.) Since libido is excellent, acne is minimal, and I have virtually no side effects minus a little puffiness of my left nipple, should I even bother with an A.I.?

    I have Aromasin (20mg) and Nolvadex on hand. I wouldn't mind starting these to reduce the puffiness of the nipple, however, I really love how I'm feeling right now and how I look, so will introducing these drugs mess with my libido or skin quality?

    - Once I come off cycle I'm getting gyno surgery anyway, I've always had this puffy nipple since I was 13 years old and its bothered the fuck out of me! So since I feel so great on cycle right now, is it even worth it to run the A.I. or Nolva to reduce it since its getting cut out anyway. However I do hate how this nipple looks in a shirt. Just weighing the risks vs rewards here, feel free to comment on my thinking.

    2.) My test to estro ratio is under 5%, 2000/ 94. No question just pointing this out.

    3.) FSH and Lutenizing Hormone are LOW, Is this something to be concerned about?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 10-05-41 1625834851_cefalo_matthew_20447_results pdf.png   Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 10-07-57 1625834851_cefalo_matthew_20447_results pdf.png  
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