Blackroids does his OWN LAB TEST REPORT

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    Blackroids does his OWN LAB TEST REPORT

    Blackroids does his OWN LAB TEST REPORT

    Here is our own LAB TEST REPORT gallery in partnership with the Janoshik Lab. Blackroids strive to sell only quality to our valuable customers.
    We are the first source to do LAB TEST REPORT at our own expense. Why? Because we want the best for you.

    It is not in the vision of Blackroids to sell products under regular doses or FAKE GEAR. Blackroids is committed to test each of their products in catalog, now more than 500 references.

    Some brands already offer LAB TEST REPORT, but we want to do a double quality control to reach 101% fiability.

    Blackroids is quality and 5 star customer service. Blackroids accepts an under dosage of 5% in active substance. Example: If the product should contain 250mg / ml of Testosterone E and the LAB TEST REPORT result indicates 240mg / ml, Blackroids will continue to list this product in its catalog.
    On the other hand if the result is less than 237.5mg / ml, Blackroids will put this product out of stock.
    It will come back to the catalog again as soon as the next Test report Lab is positive.

    We work closely with all the brands we offer on Blackroids. We are committed to provide quality. There is no manipulation BLACKROIDS JUST WANTS TO BE TRANSPARENT AND HONEST WITH OUR VALUABLE CUSTOMERS.
    We started by Testing the AlphaZone brand: Some products did not pass the Test, therefore the products in question have been put out of stock immediately.
    Check this link please:

    Team Blackroids
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