Theres ONE way left the Fed can fix inflation. But heres why they wont

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    Theres ONE way left the Fed can fix inflation. But heres why they wont

    Glenn says two solutions exist to remedy our massive inflation, and one of those solutions is still possible for the American economy today. BUT, Glenn says, The Fed will never take the steps needed to carry out that resolution. In this clip, he explains why...

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    Money only has value when it goes back stained with your blood sweat n tears.

    Consumers pay all taxes. Period.

    Every penny spent on intrest, is one penny less for social services.

    Americas unfunded liability ( promises made ) is incalcuable.

    Ron Paul hopes our bankruptcy is as peaceful as USSRs was.

    That old Nazi Klaus in Davos, says it's time for China to surplant USA.

    America was saveable under Trump, with the peace dividend, jobs, mild intrest increase, wall, no global warming bullshit. Selling arms to our NATO friends-not giving them free.

    Millitary industrial complex will not go quietly. War is a certainty now - it's happening right now- to get worst in coming times.

    People will do what they've always done, scream for a strong man to fix it. We will see Hitler, Stalin, FDR types. The antichrist if you like to think that way.

    Sorry if this hurts to hear it, but it was screamed from the rooftops.

    Tech n automation will take jobs, leaving to many people. Their will be a way to reduce surplus of people.

    Cashless society is within reach now - mark of the beast

    With every fiber in my soul, I believe Jesus Christ shall return ...
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]D-Bol does a body good ...

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