Doxepin aka Sinequan aka Silenor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomed View Post
    I take 100mg melatonin, 50mg doxipine, 10 mgs ambien and 3 shots of zquil to sleep 6 maybe 7 hours. I know its alot but damn I need my sleep. Every once in awhile I'll smoke some good herb and not need anything and I can sleep 8 solid hours. Wish it was legal... Take chance every time due to work randoms. I tried trazadome in the past at 200mgs and was spaced out the following day. Not sure what to do.

    I Use this as a sleep cocktail
    750mg GABA
    100mg 5HTP

    this cocktails is also great I realize everyone doesn’t want to use HGH or CJC but I thought Id throw it out here anyway for those are willing
    2ius HGH at night
    4 grams cjc1295 with dac every week I prefer twice a week injections

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    Quote Originally Posted by XOTG85 View Post
    I would order gear off of here and wouldn't remember doing it lol. I also ordered a shit ton of camping gear from Amazon that I couldn't recall one time. I since switched to a more natural way to sleep lol.
    Whoa lol!! Camping stuff that’s funny but scary

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