Iím trying to mail something anonymously , as in if I print the label at my house. I donít want to go to the post office or FedEx or ups and buy a shipping label , I would like to be able to print the label at my home. So how can I do this where it is untraceable ? Or as untraceable as possible. Like if I use a tor browser and sign up for an account at Usps with a fake name and email address and use a prepaid debit card to pay for the shipping label , you think that would be enough ? Couldnít the folks go back and look where that prepaid debit card was purchased and activated and see that it was me that purchased it ? Or couldnít they see me on camera and follow me out to my truck on the cameras and see my license plate ? Iím a paranoid bastard and I try to think of every possible scenario before I do something stupid. Anyone have experience mailing shit anonymously ? It would be great if I could slap a bunch of stamps on the package and drop it at a blue box but the size of the package matters when doing that. I know it can be done , these UGLís do it a million times a day. Thanks anyone for help , Iíve been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to do it. I thought about buying a little piece of shit phone and a label printer and only using that phone to buy shipping labels from a public wifi with a prepaid debit card that I purchase a long ways away from my house. And when I go to the Walmart to buy the prepaid card Iíll take my tag off my truck before I pull up to the Walmart. Probably a hell of a lot of over kill and there is probably a very simply way.

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