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Cryptocurrency is all speculation. I do not see any reason for rise or fall in value.

Funny the term currency is used with this so called "currency"
Do you see any reason for stocks to rise and fall for no reason when the stock valuation has nothing to do with their intrinsic value?

I find it funny that we consider "fiat currency" currency as well so how is this that different?

The only real difference is that it's decentralized and not controlled by a government or the federal reserve.

"Currency" is simply what anyone wants it to be that has value to someone else. Eggs or vegetables were currency at one point and still are in some places even here in America.

If I have a billion turtles and everyone wants a turtle then I'm a rich motherfucker but if no one wants one then I have a billion turtles and that's it. Make sense?

The dollar has no intrinsic value outside of the fact that it is the world currency and is only still that because we keep our guns pointed at everyone....The recent examples I can think of people who spoke out about the petro dollar were Sadam and Gaddifi....both of which we killed.

We're either of them any real threat to us?

No, they weren't. It's not like either was launching nuclear missiles at us or going to invade so no actual threat.

If we take our guns out of the scenario how valuable is the dollar based on the amounts we keep printing? It's a joke from where it was even in my lifetime and when you go back further it becomes more of a joke.


$1 in 1900 is equal to roughly $31 dollars today.