Sterile/Filtered MCT oil help

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    Sterile/Filtered MCT oil help

    Hey guys, this question is building off of Monstro's thread the other day about how to reduce/combat pip. One key method identified was cutting/diluting your gear with the sterile/filtered carrier oil utilized as the base in the gear. For example, gso or cso.

    I have quality gear that uses MCT as a carrier oil and recently got some of their DHB, which CAN BE notorious for pip. The DHB uses MCT as a carrier oil and so I thought it would be good to have some sterile MCT oil on hand in case the DHB pip is bad.....precautionary measure. I have easily found other sources that sell sterile/filtered grape-seed and cotton seed carrier oils, but haven't had much luck with sterile/filtered MCT oil. I found some sterile MCT oil on Amazon from Alpha Lab Supply, who I am familiar with, but other than that I am coming up short. Plus, Alpha Lab doesn't offer MCT oil on their site directly anymore and I am not sure how old or what the dating is on the MCT oil displayed in the link below. Unsure why Alpha Lab wouldn't be offering it directly on their site but selling some old inventory on Amazon?

    Or, could I substitute gso or cso along with the mct? Mix them? Or is that not advisable?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    I would buy the MCT in the link from Alpha
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