Why Do I Love Planet Fitness?

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    Why Do I Love Planet Fitness?

    I couldnít believe when they mandated wearing a mask even while youíre working out. Anybody that knows anything about the physiology of fitness knows you donít wear a mask when working out.
    I go there occasionally as a guest of my fiancť. But they seriously lack free weights and some machines. My go to gym is World gym. Now thatís a serious gym for serious lifters.

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    If I join a gym I wonít join unless they have a monthly option, I donít like signing contracts or committing to long plans.

    My last gym was a tiny bit pricey but it was 24/7, had everything I needed and I knew the owner a tiny bit from when I worked at GNC. Paid monthly and was easy to cancel if needed. Also they are literally a mile away from my house. There was even a time after I canceled were they randomly started charging me again, I noticed it and was eh what the heck Iíll go back and work out. They later sent me a letter apologizing for charging me out of nowhere for a few months and reimbursed of all the money.

    Iím looking into different gyms now as well. My previous gym is so close but thinking about trying a new place, Especially one with a ton of hot girls. Thatís always a big motivator in the gym lol

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