Best Sex Protocol on Testosterone

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    Best Sex Protocol on Testosterone

    Best Sex Protocol on Testosterone

    This video is all about how to have the best sex possible on testosterone! TRT can be amazing for sex, but the dosage has to be dialed in and other hormones must be modulated. Contrary to what you might assume, some estrogen is important! Plus a subset of men see elevated prolactin levels interfering with sex with a few root causes. If you’re interested in having a great libido and fantastic sex on TRT, watch this video!


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    Some people think if we have high levels of testosterone in blood is enough to have crazy libido and sex drive , but they forgot we need estrogen and dht . Estrogen is necessary to gain muscle and also to create the right equilibrium to have great sex . never crash estrogen because you will fell like shit and also loose all libido and sex drive but also never leave him go to the rough . Best way is always doing blood test to have all under control

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