White vein and Green Vein..

I used 1 spoonful or Green vein Twice a day morning and mid afternoon for 5 days, and then the same with the white vein the following week.

Week 1. The green was abdolutely my Favorite. I was really skeptical, felt it was not going to do anything. I have been suffering from right shoulder pain, sorness in my left ankle, i have a plate in it due to an injury, so in the winter it gets really bothersom. My biggest problem left achiles Tendonitus, everynight towards the end of my shift i can barely get through it. After 1 day of using the product i had immediate releif, the following morning after my shift. I noticed i had absolutely no pain or soreness, unless i touched my Achiles tendon i would of had no idea i even had the injury. The pain has been gone since i started the problem, and i habe had no flareups at all.

The product taste and smell were fine. I will be looking forward to using the green vein mainly. Mentally the product gives me a relaxing effect and clear minded. Things that would normally stress me out, have not bothered me in the same way.

This week i will be mixing both green and white together. Im not sure if there is a build up, or how long the products benefits last so i may wait, only because my main issues were my bodys pains and i no longer have these issues.

Id like to add that i give the product all the credit. I do not take any other medication besides Adderall for ADD. And i do not even apply heat or ice to the areas, that bother me. These have been month long issues and the ankle with the plate in it has caused issues for years, so it definitly can not be a coincidence.

Thank you for letting me Test the products. I will continue to update