1st time using HGH. Im going with Ace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junkboxer1 View Post
    I jumped to 3ius this morning. I dont feel any side effects whatsoever. Should I expect to "feel" anything? I understand body comp doesn't change months until 6+ months.
    it may take a while for the sides to kick in. Or you may be a lucky one and not get sides. The problem is if you do it could take a while to subside. Hell Iím only on 2.5 iuís and wake up just about every night with numb hands. I also had to upsize my wedding ring because now I have bear paws lol

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    Just a heads up... the black top kits are 130 iu. I think it was almost 4 mgs per bottle. I do 2 ml per bottle and have found that doing a half mil, 3.25 iu, every other day post workout to have the most benefits and least sides. If I do 3 iu everyday my wrists get super numb at night. That's how I know I have legit hgh though. I'm going to order the blue tops and cruise for a month on 3 iu eod of the acetropins and 400-500 mgs test e per week.

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