Fertility Recovery on TRT

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    Fertility Recovery on TRT

    36M - long term AAS user (10 years) trying to regain fertility to get wife pregnant.

    Went for sperm analysis and results came back ZERO.

    Lab results 1:
    Test: over 1500
    Estrogen: 18
    FSH and LH - zero

    Saw a Urologist. Told me to cut exogenous test and put me on 2000 iu hcg 3x week.

    Cut back to TRT (250 mg/week) for 8 weeks then dropped test completely for 3. Felt TERRIBLE. Zero libido, chronic fatigue, brain fog, etc. also added HMG 35 iu 3x/ week.

    Latest labs (3 months later)
    test 412
    estrogen 6.8
    FSH 0.4
    LH 0.3

    Sperm analysis 3 months in - 20 million.

    I added back TRT bc sides were Killing me. Increased hmg to 75 iu 3x/week

    Got another Sperm analysis 4 months in - 50 million!

    I was extremely excited. Still no pregnancy but I had some saved for iui / ivf. Motility fine on number 2 but poor on number 3.

    Question - anyone had luck going from zero sperm count to fertile while on TRT? Iím not sure if the increase was from hmg or 3 weeks off plus hcg kicker.

    Any success stories? Iím afraid if I stay on TRT again I might go back to ground zero with my sperm count.

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    I add in Humanofort to my clients fertility protocol and it is extremely helpful in conjunction with the HCG protocol

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    If I had to guess I would say itís the HCG/HMG combo. A lot of success stories I have been hearing from doing this.
    Iím glad we carry both in kits and singles. I have been wanting to give this dual action a try.

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    Sounds like you are on your way heading in the right direction. Good luck man!

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