Natural nootropic mangiferin increases reaction speed and alertness, improves memory and mood
A good dose of mangiferin, a xanthonoid from the mango tree, does more than just improve high intensity sports performance. According to a human study published in Nutrients in the summer of 2020, mangiferin is also an effective nootropic that improves a broad spectrum of brain functions almost immediately after ingestion.Study
The researchers, who were affiliated with Northumbria University, gave 70 healthy subjects aged 18-45 years 300 milligrams of the mango leaf extract Zynamite. Zynamite consists of 60-65 percent mangiferin, 3-5 percent homomangiferine and 1 percent isomangiferin. The extract was in capsules. Nektium Pharma, the manufacturer of Zynamite, sponsored the study.

Half an hour after administration, the researchers began to test the subjects. They continued doing this for more than four hours.
On another occasion, the researchers repeated the procedure, but then gave the subjects a placebo.
The supplement made the subjects feel a little more calm and relaxed.

Supplementation reduced the number of errors the subjects made during tests that required them to respond quickly. Their accuracy of performance increased.At the same time, the extract made the subjects more alert. They missed less in the tests. Their accuracy of attention increased.
In addition, the extract improved the ability to store words and images in memory and then recall them. The subjects' episodic memory improved.
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The researchers also subjected the subjects to a test in which, after seeing symbols appearing on a screen, they had to click a button for a longer period of time. This test measures the ability to remain focused for a prolonged time. Supplementation with mangiferin improved scores on this test as well.

"A single dose of mango leaf extract (Zynamite) with high levels of the polyphenol mangiferin leads to broad improvements in cognitive function that were seen across assessments spanning from 30 min to 6 h post-dose", the British summarize their findings.

"These benefits were seen most strikingly in terms of participants' improved attention and long-term memory task performance and in their extended performance of cognitively demanding tasks, including those requiring executive function resources."
Nutrients. 2020 Jul 23;12(8):2194.