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Thread: MK-677 low dose

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBear View Post
    Ok thanks good to you know your baseline levels and what are your levels are with your current dose?
    Honestly I haven't ever checked. It's more of a feeling. I know what actual GH feels like. I do get numb hands from time to time. Skin looks better, and I sleep great. I tend to dose a few hours before bed as it does make me sleepy.

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    Friends there is MK677 and there is "MK677"

    Let me show those of you who don't know a little secret. This is a version (and yes I sell it) that is superior to all other forms I have ever seen. It has additional ingredients, and in labs I have seen it equals about 3-4 iu of Injectable HGH levels.

    This is the Gold Standard of MK677. So take a look. Its night time only as it has melatonin as one of the ingredients. I have used this with hundreds of clients and of course I have used it multiple times myself.

    If you want the very best in MK, this is the version you want. Mind you the basic version, I think is amazing as well, so do what you want with your money. But I assure you this is not a sales pitch. Im sure some people here can back me and speak about this product that oddly, not everyone is aware of. 2021 is my 25th year selling supplements so I try and have an edge on the competition. This product is an edge. It's pricy no doubt.

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