Tren and joint pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamJam View Post
    Actually hereís how the elbow pain started. My shoulder pain isnít unbearable. The elbow pain is unbearable so this is why it matters. Before I started this cycle my elbow started hurting for seemingly no reason. I hadnít injured it or anything. I woke up one day I think slept on it wrong and has hurt since. I did start this cycle with npp and the elbow pain completely stopped. I switched to deca that I had on hand after I ran out of npp. But just ordered some npp so Iím hopeful that it will knock it out again. I had just assumed deca and npp would get rid of pain in the same way but maybe perhaps I am wrong.

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    Try a Shoulder Saver pillow.

    Sleeping in that stretched position with your weight on top of it can cause that issue.

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    Take two fish oil with every meal.

    move to NPP and have no more joint pain



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