Getting ready to go on my first bulk cycle in over 10 years and been training for 20 years total. For the past 10+ years I usually just eat good, train hard and stay on a TRT dose of 200-250mg/week. From time to time Iíd up it to maybe a total of 750mg/wk and add Tren, or clen/T3 when I lean out. But Iím bored, need a challenge, and since weíre moving into the winter months I figured a build cycle would give me a nice goal. If I could add on 20+lbs that would be great.

Iím 6í6Ē and 265lbs at around 15%BF currently. Iím curious to know what you guys think I should take (and how much) for a 12-16 week bulk cycle. I like hearing advice from others and compare it to what I would have done. If you were me, what would you take, how much, for how long? Keep in mind that I donít get awful sides, a little aggression, and water retention, sometimes my nipples would be tinder back in the higher dose days. One thing to note is when taking orals like d-bol I can only take them for about a month before my kidneys burn like fire (even with kidney support). Would you add something like Anadrol for 4 weeks, stop for a month, and add it back in for another 4 weeks for weeks 8-12? If you were writing my plan what would you suggest?

Thanks in advance brothers