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Blast time

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Thread: Blast time

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    Quote Originally Posted by hot rod View Post
    they are really SUPPOSED to be the exact same thing,just diff. esters. HOWEVER, i swear it SEEMS like i get more joint relief from deca. Don't know why, but the last time i did npp,got great results but very little joint relief. Don't know if joint pain is as big of an issue w/you.But i'm on the MATURE side(an old fucker)so i lean more towards deca-simply for that reason. And it's almost annoyingly SLOW to act-but to me it's worth the wait. i guess to answer your question- think i would just do 1 or the other and keep it simple- now that i have complicated the shit out of it-lol BUT- U could certainly do both- Someone should make a deca/npp blend and simplify it for us-lol good luck bro!
    Phamacon makes a deca/npp blend. Bought to give it a shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel618 View Post
    The man loves his 19-nors. If you feel good on that much Id say do it up. In my experience 19-nors are the strongest muscle builders as a group, but I cant tolerate em for shit. Id need my test sky high for that much nandrolone and tren, and id still be walking around depressed with no sex drive and achy nipples.
    What worked for me in the past: If yu can't really handle 700 mg/w of tren you might be able to handle much better 350 tren ace and 350 NPP. I have in the past made a blend that was 1:1:1 Test:tren Ace:NPP and it was great. Get up high in the dose and then ancillaries are needed but if you can hang in the lower regions then not much need other than caber and cialis just for good measure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dungan23 View Post
    Haha no worries brother im on top of the proviron, i definitely dont want any dick issues
    JPal's proviron is on point, just saying - if you wanted to add it in. I am doing 50mg in the morning 50mg in the evening while on blast.

    I have ran Tren a few different cycles and thankfully no horrible sides, as of yet. Just high BP, which I am on meds for anyway.

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