I have read every Q post for about the last year. Most of it is current events or news articles exposing the deep state. The info is very interesting especially when you watch the news spin or bury the stories. Q has been accused of all kinds of weird stuff but most of it isn't Q. The annons follow Q and will post things in the Q threads. These annons have posted false info but this isn't Q making the posts. Imagine if you started a thread and someone else on the board followed you around with ridiculous posts. Would you think its fair to be blamed for what someone else said in YOUR thread? No, obviously not but this is the spin the media places on Q.

I decided long ago to ONLY read the Q posts and NOT read any of the comments afterwards. Basically I just get the meat of the posts and do my own research. The site I use to follow Q only posts his posts so it weeds out all of the idiots. Check out Q's recent posts. VERY interesting stuff.