Antoine Vaillant Shares His Contest Prep Training & Diet

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    Antoine Vaillant Shares His Contest Prep Training & Diet

    Antoine Vaillant Shares His Contest Prep Training & Diet

    Rising star Antoine Vaillant details his contest prep training and diet routine.

    One of the most exciting elements of pro bodybuilding is tracking the up and comer athletes who are on the precipice of making waves. Antoine Vaillant is one such bodybuilder who has been consistently impressing fans and judges – most recently with his victory at the California Pro. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Antoine Vaillant details his contest prep training routine and diet plan in detail.

    We connected with Antoine Vaillant via a video call after his big win at the California Pro. Vaillant shocked fans of the sport after going from 7th place at the New York Pro to 1st at the California Pro just one week later. Vaillant is a promising pro bodybuilder that seems to be just getting onto a hot streak. We can’t wait to see the next time he steps on stage.

    For those aspiring bodybuilders looking to make the same kind of impression as Antoine Vaillant, we asked him to break down his daily routine during contest prep. Not only did Vaillant answer – he went into detail about his hour to hour routine. So for those who are looking to start maximizing their training and nutrition, you can start training like a pro using Vaillant’s breakdown here as a baseline to follow.

    Each person’s body reacts differently, so this might not be a guaranteed solution for each individual. But getting this kind of detailed glimpse into a pro bodybuilders routine is certainly enlightening to say the least.

    Antoine Vaillant’s training and diet
    Overall, Antoine eats six meals a day plus a post workout shake. Though he explains when he is at the end of a contest prep – he removes all supplements from his diet.

    Training Day:
    • Antoine wakes up between 7am-8am
    • Drinks coffee
    • Antoine then sends a picture of his physique to his trainer. His trainer then adjusts the details of Antoine’s diet based off his weight and look.
    • Turns on techno music and practices posing for one hour.
    • Does cardio for 25 minutes on a light day or 40 minutes on a heavy day. He usually maintains 430 beats per minute on the lazyboy bike or treadmill (walking).
    • Trains at gym at 2pm for about 50 minutes (though he sometimes loses track and goes longer).
    • Post meal at 3pm.
    • Antoine then leaves the gym and gets home at 4pm for other meal.
    • He then preps meal 5 and 6 to eat in spaced out through the evening.
    • Yoga at 9pm.
    • 12am sleep.

    Off Day:
    • 7am-8am wake up.
    • Posing practice (one hour).
    • Breakfast right after posing.
    • Yoga.
    • 25 mins ab training in the evening.
    • 12am sleep.

    Antoine Vaillant also shared his most recent training split during his current contest prep:
    • Monday: Legs (quads focused)
    • Tuesday: Off (Yoga)
    • Wednesday: Chest/Back
    • Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps
    • Friday: Calves/Glutes
    • Saturday: Back
    • Sunday: Chest/Biceps

    On top of breaking down his daily contest prep routine, Antoine Vaillant also talked about fat burners. He usually doesn’t utilize fat burners due to the excess caffeine.



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    This is a great diet and exercise, I love it. Thank you for sharing! the impossible quiz

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    How the fk this big mf can do backflips and I can't touch my toes that ain't right 😆

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