Ok to run first Test cycle without blood work beforehand

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    Ok to run first Test cycle without blood work beforehand

    What's up boys.

    I just got everything I need to run my first cylcle. Picked up 5 vials of Test E, 50 1mg Arimidex tabs, and 50 20mg Nolvadex tabs. I also got 23g x 1" pins and I'm planning to start with glutes and possibly do quads and shoulders later on. FYI I'm 5'10" 185, about 12% bf.

    Here's the plan:
    Weeks 1-3:
    150mg Test E, every 3.5d.
    Weeks 3-12:
    200mg Test E, every 3.5d.
    .5mg Arimidex every 3.5d.

    Two weeks after last pin:
    2 week: 20mg Nolvadex ED.
    4 weeks: 10mg Nolvadex ED.

    Seems pretty standard but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. My main question is - am I safe running this w/o bloods beforehand? I'm 25 with no underlying health problems that I know of. I'm eager to pin now because the timing works out that I can get 12 weeks in before traveling over the holidays. My student health insurance plan hasn't kicked in for the year yet so I'm between coverage and don't want to wait and have to push back my cycle to January. I'll get coverage soon, but if I pin now I don't have to postpone the cycle.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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