Having a hard time cramming the food down??
Need to Stimulate Your Appetite??
Canít get the calories in on those 12hr. Shifts to meet your caloric goals??
Besides prepping food that you actually like and are easy to eat. Keeping Fairlife Chocolate Milk or Dairy w/ you can really up the calories. What I used to do is:
I would premix the excess calories in a jug: like maltodextrin powder and whey. You could use Progainer by ON, or another Brand. Some use mk677, ghrp6, or EQ but, those may not be what you want. It is truly about getting those foods that are easy and you enjoy. That is why I like to make my Maxs Breakfast burritos. They are in the forum search tool. You can make like 20 to 30 at a time, filled w/ meats, hash browns/potatoes, rice, eggs, onions, peppers, cheese; add whatever flavor/seasoning you enjoy. I wrap in plastic,then foil, and mark which is steak, ground beef(breakfast sausage or taco seasoned), pork tenderloin, you can add refried pinto or black beans as well. Literally the absence of appetite can be from eating too high of fats/sugars. If you eat really clean w no sodas, sugar , stimulants, and drink water/tea only; it will stimulate you to eat more. If you can only eat 3 x a day; the wraps are great! If you get the ex large ones: (12” El Paso ones)I can stuff 2,500kcals into One Burrito. Have Salsa, Hot Sauce, Guacamole, etc. If your a grazer; you must prepare your meals for 3-4 days in advance. Grill or bake a time in meat and a big amount of sticky rice; bag em up. The only other thing is oral PED’s can cause you to lose appetite; so you can look into that. Using no orals always helped (mk677 not included*). Slowly ramp up the calories 50-100 kcals EOD or drink the calories in a good homemade or supplement shake. Hope that helps. Hard boiled eggs, cheese, fresh fruit, and nuts help add calories quick while working.