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I made the offer my man... see I never claimed to be a body builder, and yes Monte looks pretty good other than those chicken legs he has....but what I have claimed to be is a fighter who grew up in violence, and if I am being frank, I grew to love it. I avoid violence these days when possible, that's just part of growing up. Whether y'all believe my "stories" I share here is up to you. I suppose I could prove some of them by posting pics of all the scars on my body... the scar under my lip where my teeth came through and had to have 10 stitches, the scar on my left hand where I caught a knife coming at my face and took it from the guy and gutted him....27 stitches outside, 33 inside almost lost the use of my thumb, tendon had to be surgically repaired. The 38 caliber bullet hole one entrance 2 exits on my right forearm, my fake front implanted teeth(knocked out) and so on and so forth(there are more).... I wrestled my whole entire school days, then I taught myself grappling and then trained for 3 and half years in Jujitsu, I even trained with Rich Frankklin and his boxing coach...for a time circa 2007 in the nasti nati that was only 6 mths.....but I trained in boxing for almost 3 years total and took Muay Thai for a little over a year. I was an enforcer in the gang I was in for 5 years. You had to be tough and feared or you were easy pickins. As to me posting pics, Someday I will, not saying when but if all goes right 3 to 4 months approx. However to give you an idea of my legs and kicking power Think Joe Rogan back when he took training serious. I actually have to avoid working my legs out or they get too damn big to be functional. To be honest though I have flaws, nmy hands are smaller than I would like and so are my foremarms compared to the rest of my body. I measured my chest last weak I it measures 52 inches breath in, 50.25 breath out.... My arms are currently just shy of 18 inches flexed and 16.5 relaxed. I am a thicke boy for being 5 ft 8 and I weigh in currently at 235lbs. I need to lose about another 30lbs of fat and put on 12 to 15lbs of muscle. That's being honest....

As to this "tiff" I really dont care anymore I said what I wanted. I dont hate Monte but I wish he would show more respect to some of you. Maybe you are okay with the abuse though....if so...more power to you all. I'll leave it be
That beer your drinking is making you awesome