So if this fancy food tracking app is correct, dunno, I never use them, today was a training day and after 6 meals and my intra (30g c from HBCD/10G EAA) I'm at 3820k cal, 347c 74f 418p.

If yesterday's info is correct,non training day, 3473k cal, 209c 116f , 382p for the entire day. I did sub in a ribeye for a chicken meal though so the fats were higher then they would have been. So with this nifty thingamajig, 38g fat more then it should have been, so minus 342cal.

Whatever lol. Too much shit to keep track of. Just eat the same shit and increase and decrease the amounts to adjust. Those numbers mean nothing.

Carbs are at the top top of what I'll use for the time being.