Female on my hands

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    Female on my hands

    Iíve tried my best to help her. A younger girl at my gym. She puts in work, performs a lot of movements correctly. I can only assume her diet is in a caloric deficit. She asked my help. I donít wanna lead her down the the primrose path... she either has genetic or more serious thyroid issues. Am I missing anything? I donít know the diet 100%. Very lean-ish. She holds fat in weird places like her upper back? Iím lost.

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    Other than "am I missing anything?" I don't see a question in there anywhere. What exactly are you asking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tysbra View Post
    I can only assume her diet is in a caloric deficit. She asked my help.
    Why assume? Have her track everything she eats and drinks for two weeks and then you will have something to work with. I would guess she does not eat enough protein. Insist that she be 100% honest.

    When my wife decided she wanted to compete in bikini, I made her stop all cardio for a month and doubled her calories and nearly doubled her protein intake. She gained strength in that month and leaned out. Her metabolism was trashed from eating like a bird and doing too much cardio. Then, with her metabolism reset at a higher level, we pulled out 200 calories and added cardio for 25 minutes twice a week. She feels like she is starving on way more calories than she was happy eating before back when she was making 0 progress. After seeing the results she now listens to everything I have to say and does it.

    So find out what she is doing before you go making any suggestions about how to fix what you do not know she is doing.

    I suggested two weeks because if she tracks only for a day or two, then she will eat less because she knows you will be looking at it . . .

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