So long story short took 300mgs of test and 300mgs of eq for 8 weeks before quarantine and got really sick (not from the gear) I slowly hit the breaks, recovered and currently restarting me testes.
Im planning out the next one, I want to take more test I just really don't know how to dose AI and serms properly/timing of starting the drugs.

My goal now is to run 12 week cycle, the last two weeks im wanting to switch from all Enanthate ethers and just use prop to finish.

I would use 500mgs of Test and 300 of EQ weekly for 10 weeks and use test prop for 2 weeks while balancing all the Serms or AIs (if needed?)

Kind of just looking for advice, I am prone to gyno after 300mgs of test, It doesn't seem to grow more tissue at the small dose, just after 4-6 weeks of Test E it happens (bloat, some shoulder acne, moody and puffy nipples) I do not use things like Dbol anymore because I just don't know how to handle all the estrogen.. also It just takes the appetite right out of me.

Im a lost child because I have been "raised" by two steroid users, one which basically never takes any anti estrogen and one that just follows forum dosings to the t.

1-10 EQ300mg, TEST E 500mgs
10-12 Test prop 100 mg eod

my question I guess a. Is this stupid b. when and what should I implement for recovery of testes/keep mood elevated after transition to trt/come off.
I would use more than 300mgs of the EQ but Idk if im making it up but at 300+mgs around 4 weeks in I start feeling like blood or water is trying to like move around in the kidney area. Its just a weird unexplainable feeling that I only feel after using EQ for that long so Im assuming it has to do with dehydration in the kidneys? idk Its hard to explain so most likely will not get an answer to this.