Food vs Training vs Genetics

What is most important to succeed in bodybuilding? Nutrition, training, or genetics?

Watch the new exclusive clip from Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life – available July 31 on digital! You can pre-order it today right here. In this clip, pro bodybuilders, coaches, doctors, and experts debate the ultimate question – what factor is most important to succeed in bodybuilding? Is it a pitch perfect diet, heavy duty training, or godly genetics?

When you remove steroids out of the picture for natural bodybuilding – all that’s left is the pure core ingredients of the sport. Specifically, nutrition and training. To add a third element that is not under the athlete’s control – genetics also play a huge part in how your final physique looks. But how important is genetics? And when it comes to nutrition vs training – which aspect is most important?

During the filming of Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life, we interviewed a wide range of pro bodybuilders (both enhanced and natural), coaches, doctors, and bodybuilding experts. We asked each of them what is the most important element in succeeding as a bodybuilder. Somewhat surprisingly, each person had a completely different answer.

Some argued that nutrition is the most important factor, while others stated that willpower during training is key to building up a physique. Many even believe that genetics trumps all hard work and dieting. Some people with superior genetics can eat like trash and not train their hardest – yet still look amazing on the stage. That’s genetics. You can’t control it but it can certainly control you.

Ultimately, one final factor started popping up that might explain exactly why each person had a different answer. A bodybuilder’s mindset might be the most important factor at play here. The right mindset can overcome extreme obstacles in the arena of nutrition and training. Perhaps it can even help overcome limitations due to genetics. More specifically, maybe we only perceive our genetics limit us. If we were able to use our will past that negative thinking, we might just accomplish amazing things.

Whichever area you end up agreeing with – it’s certainly interesting to watch some of the top names in bodybuilding duke it out on their ideologies and opinions. Without the use of performance enhancing drugs, natural bodybuilding strips away enhancements and focuses on only the key elements.