Got diagnosed with Corona

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    Quote Originally Posted by E.J.D View Post
    Ok I'm going to be the one who does it. I will stand on this mountain alone if need be. Masks are a joke imo. They shouldn't be worn unless you have the n95 properly fitted to your face. Which is only safe for up to 8 hours at a time. Properly fitted is tight as hell btw. I feel masks shouldn't be worn because they shut down your immune system.. they might cause lung damage over time due to breathing in sweat or water particles mixed with everything else that gets sucked in by your normal breathing. Dirt, mold, allergens that are floating thru the air which is getting thru whatever face diaper you wear. Also people don't clean/disinfect them and continually reuse the same dirty mask over and over. They shut down how your immune system works normally. We need to be exposed to all kinds of bacteria, virus so our bodies immune system recognizes it and learns to fight it off. Our skin has millions of bacteria crawling all over it.

    With masks people are always touching their face to adjust it because it's not supposed to be there.. dirty hands touching the mask equals higher rate of potential sickness. Which the government wants imo. People don't wash their hands enough. Basic hygiene goes a long way. To me it's just logical sense that wearing them is actually causing more harm then good...
    not really asian countries people live the longest in the world and they always wear masks even before the coronavirus. God forbid you wear a mask for a year and you think it is bad lol. Masks arent only to protect you , its to stop your germs from spreading onto others. thats why medical doctors put a mask on people who are sick with coronavirus to prevent their germs from getting onto them. Look at all of the asian countries with a mask cultulre. before the coronavirus they always wear masks.yet people say masks cause co2 to be in lungs and kill you. asian countries have the lowest death count, some have no deaths. barely /no more cases in a lot of the asian countries. why? because they all wear masks. its obvious that masks work, the countries with people not wearing are teh oens with high cases. masks prevent your germs from spreading. if some of you guys wore masks we would have never gone into lockdown but you fools are wearing breathable masks to get into stores or not wearing masks at all causing problems.

    I recently read that 2 CV19 positive hairstylists who were wearing a mask exposed 140 people, and there have been ZERO folks who have tested positive!!!

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    Asian countries eat dogs. Just because they do doesn’t mean Scruffy is going into my Instapot. Good for them wearing masks. Indians shit on the sidewalk. Doesn’t mean I want any of that happening in the USA. Not that I live there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtoe View Post
    I think it is 100%. What I'm curious to know is if it was engineered to kill certain DNA profiles?

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    Good point. Or maybe thin out the medicare & social security heard.

    Odd how ive seen some healthy people in their prime die from it & younger kids. Not personally just in the news so who knows really. Old folks seem to have been the brunt of it.

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