Wesley VS Stimulate by Iron Mag Labs (focus and energy booster)

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    So using the product consistently I will say not too much has changed. It has been a steady product with steady results for me. People ask me how long it lasts? I feel it for several hours tbh. Maybe at least 3-4 hours I can feel the effects from 2 caps. It generally hits me after 1 hour of taking it.

    The benefits, energy, focus, appetite suppression, speed increase and strength increases in your workout. Improved mood too. Potential sides, jitters, insomnia, sweating, chills.

    So in conclusion I will say this. There are a ton of great Stims on the market and PWO on the market. I mean the market is flooded. What I guess would make this different then the others is the potential mood enhancement in addition to the basic stimulation and energy that every other good PWO on the market can get you. Also this being caps, is more convenient then say a powder for me.

    I def would stack this along side pretty much any top product on the market that comes to mind.

    Thanks IML for letting me test the product out and ty for everyone following and commenting. Much appreciated

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    The brain food idea has been growing on me

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