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Need some advice please!

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    Need some advice please!

    25 years old, previous lifting history but not trained for 2 years. 200mg test cyp per week as long term self medicated TRT. Bodyfat around 14%. Weight: 175lbs. Diet 3000 calories per day with a 40p/30f/30c macro split. Might have to increase the calories as I have an extremely active job.

    Been taking the 200mg test cyp for years now. Developed severe social anxiety and had my levels checked when I was 20 and they was low. Doctor put me on some silly regimen of 140mg every 2 weeks. Felt better but didn't help the anxiety. Eventually I just self medicated at 200mg per week and the anxiety disappeared. Been taking that ever since. I can't remember my last numbers but this does put me significantly above what is considered high natural testosterone.

    Trained regularly and was progressing well until I had a debilitating road accident back in 2018.

    I'm now well enough to lift again and began last week. But I was damn shocked how weak I was, even with the 200mg test each week.

    I thought some German volume training would be a good place to start. The aim on all these days was 10 x 10 although I did not reach 10.

    Day 1 - Chest
    Bench 30kg
    8 x 10 reps
    1 x 7 reps

    Day 3 - Arms
    Overhead Seated Press
    1 x 10
    1 x 10
    1 x 10
    3 x 9
    1 x 7
    1 x 6

    Day 4 - Legs
    7 x 10
    1 x 7

    On the day of these of these workouts each muscle group felt well trained and sore. By the day after (when you usually feel the workout) they feel felt completely recovered and ready for another workout. Which makes me think either 1. I didn't train them hard enough or 2. The 200mg testosterone is enhancing the recovery time.

    Just looking for general advice on how to move forward from here. I want my old physique and strength back and I want them back fast! I feel weak as fuck and self conscious as hell at this weight. The plan for moving forward was a 16 week recomposition moving into a lean bulk afterwards.
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