Hey board,

I'm on my third or fourth (smaller end) order now with flash. I started with a sample, used another order to supplement a stack I was running from another supplier, and now I'm running entirely flash products. Zero complaints. Best shipping, customer service, price, and satisfaction I've had. Minor error on one of my orders where they just forgot to fulfill it for a couple of days. Nothing they even needed to admit to, but gave me some gifts to apologize.

Used- Test C & E, Deca, EQ, Nova

Notes- I get PIP with Test E. No explanation. Multiple sources, IM, SubQ, doesn't matter. I got PIP with their E. It was the mildest I've gotten though. Is what it is. Now that I've ran low end doses from multiple sources included pharm TRT doc I can say I've had my best results and prices with Flash.

Paying it forward for that apology and gifts guys. Class act.