Dana White Moving UFC 249 to a Private Island

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    Dana White Moving UFC 249 to a Private Island

    Dana White Moving UFC 249 to a Private Island Sounds Straight Out of a Martial Arts Film

    Dana White appears to be inspired by a Bruce Lee classic.

    So Dana White is forcing the show to go on. While the rest of the world is practicing social distancing, the UFC president is ensuring UFC 249 is still on. Despite the major risks that both fighters and staff could face, Dana White is intent on getting back to work.

    With the global health crisis at a dire point, having UFC 249 move forward, without one of itís original headliners no less, seems illogical. We all want to get back to normal. We all are feeling stir crazy and getting cabin fever. A fight card in the middle of quarantine can certainly break up the monotony. But the consequences could be far more dire than the UFC president is willing to acknowledge.

    To make matters even more intense, it seems that Dana White is taking the Enter the Dragon approach to UFC 249. The UFC president is eyeing a private island to hold the event. He also stated that fighters would have no idea where they were going until they got there.
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