Hello Sir,

It's not necessary to open two different threads on our forum section about the same issue, not to mention the fact that you haven't contacted us by PM or ticket system but directly by posting your private messages with us and private order details on a public forum. We have nothing to hide.. that being said I decided to post the answer from the other thread also here.

"People are not getting their orders from what Iím told asking about my order that keeps getting extended and still no package has ever been accepted by any country in the world." -> This is a completely FALSE information. Customers are getting their orders... I've mentioned that you are not the only one in this PARTICULAR situation. We're not the ones caring the orders to your country. Don't try to make from this situation a general term of OSGear business because that's not fair. We ship from multiple warehouses around the world and this Asia warehouse is the only one registering HUGE delays to US...I've explained the situation in my previous messages, PM and public on OSGear website. Please understand that your order was SHIPPED.

"I think itís only fair to give people a heads up that ordering from you guys right now is not a good idea because mail is not being sent." -> that's another completely FALSE conclusion. As I've mentioned before, we ship from multiple warehouses, including DOMESTIC and people are getting their orders normally. The only warehouse that have delays now is the one your order has been dispatched from.

"Because they told me all the planes are filled with medical supplies. I ordered way before this virus was even bad and ONLY IN CHINA." -> You've placed the order on March 12 and the tracking number was provided on March 18. The package was not shipped from China... and we've provided also the statement from the carrier. You can check it again below and you can find it on their website too:

"Delays in international shipments

COVID-19 has severely impacted international movement of people and goods as countries implement additional border controls and restrictions on international travel. As a result, airlines have drastically reduced international services, leading to a significant reduction in air freight capacity and frequency to and from Singapore to all international destinations.

Please note that there will be delays in the delivery of all international mail and Speedpost services to international destinations. We will be prioritising Speedpost Priority and Speedpost Express services during this period."

"And I specifically messaged them and asked them straight up. ďI want to place an order but do not want to order from them if packages come from China because whatís going on there and no where else in the world at the timeĒ -> indeed, the package is not coming from China, is coming from Asia, SG specifically..

"Then they created label for tracking. Several weeks later I get red error messages saying item not received by carrier. To keep checking back. Then I asked them whatís was up with that. I get told the new shipping is 7 weeks because of whatís going on." -> Since the package left our warehouse and we have provided the tracking number the shipping is totally out of our control... there is nothing we can do to influence it from that moment on due to the nature of the product. This is not like buying from the Amazon after all... we use third party carriers for the shipping and even if we would be in direct connection with USPS I don't think it would be wise to call them and say "Guys we have a package with AAS for a customer, please ship it faster because we are already late with it". Regarding the customer service, all your e-mails were answered in a timely manner with all the updates that we had at that moment from the warehouse and the carrier... there is nothing more my colleagues or I could have done and didn't do it.

"So before they take yíall money on all these new promos they are posting but not mentioning nothing about the so called shipping problems going on." -> The promos were sent from this particular warehouse and as I've seen, everyone got the promos. You can check our board section and see the pictures. Also, at that time were not passing a global pandemic situation like were passing now.

If you don't want to orders from us anymore, it's totally understandable and I hope you find a better source that could meet your expectations. But this doesn't mean that you won't receive your current order... this package will be delivered sooner or later because OSGear customers always get what they paid for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.