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With DQ, I can literally feel the quality difference. Their test, NPP, Deca, Tren E, and Viagra are no joke bro.

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definitely agree. I was known to run some pretty big cycles before DQ surfaced again. I then realized when dq came back on board the gear I was running was not properly dosed and when I tried running the same doses with DQs gear quickly realized what it was and I wasnít really running 3-4 gram cycles more like 2g tops with a lot of extra oil lol.
Iíve never bought something from DQ that I thought once running it, is this gear legit or properly dosed? Itís quite the opposite and itís more like damn I donít need that much and get better results with sometimes more than half the dose. For those who may then say DQ is simply overdosing gear and thatís dangerous I can assure you thatís not the case either comparing it to pharma grade or big names like Pharmacom itís just properly dosed. DQ has also agreed to start sending off large amounts of his product, hopefully all of it to be hplc tested and continue to do so with each new batch. Thatís an all around win for the source and consumer, not only will it be a confident buy but it will eventually force other sources to do the same to stay competitive. A few home brewers have figured this out already and it works extremely well for them with the batch of product being gone within a day or so. A source like DQ has the upper hand because they can offer more options than a home brewer who can only brew 3 or 4 compounds at a time.