!!!highly concentrated products! Warning!!!

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    !!!highly concentrated products! Warning!!!

    I would like to post warnings in a separate thread! Because it looks like nobody reads info on site and pamphlets.
    Please always read product descriptions on site and warnings!

    We have highly concentrated products in our range, which can cause pips, lumps, swelling, increased body temperature.

    This is a natural body reaction to such products like Pharmatest E 500 mg/ml. Pharma sust 500 mg/ml, some Mixes and general concentrations over 400 mg/ml of any oil-based product no matter who manufactured, may cause unpleasant side effects.

    Never pin more than one 1 ml of such oils for once! Better start with 0.5 ml or even less! Never pin it into small muscles. Injections should be deep intramuscular and into larger muscles only!

    We have precaution about the possible side effects everywhere, on our sites, on boxes, in pamphlets, but nobody reads! However, we receive complains about pips, etc.

    Highly concentrated products are for experienced athletes only. Some athletes bear it fine, some have real pips.
    If you ordered a highly concentrated product and your body does not bear it well, it does not mean you have to through it away. There is a simple solution. Mix it with some lowly concentrated oil. e.g. you can take 1 ml of test e500 and 1 ml of test p100. Mix them thoroughly in one syringe. You can also warm it. You get 2 ml 600 mg or 300 mg/ml. Now you can inject it, there will be no more pip.

    We added a warning for oil-based stanozolol as well. It is designed to experienced athletes only, use with caution and pin into larger muscles only!

    At the same time, Bold 500 mg/ml and deca 600 mg/ml as per numerous feedbacks do not cause such issues. Our rep @RTHoads posted on eroids just recently,he mixed test e500 and bold500 and got zero pips: "I am loving the Test500 mixed in same barrel with EQ500 -- 1cc each -- completely eliminated PIP from the test500. First half of cycle with 1/2cc deca in there too, and now switching tren for second half.
    noticeable quality lean gains, not bloat/water. That is why I like EQ."
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    Thank You, very good information everyone must know. I forgot what forum it was on but someone was complaining because he got very bad pip and other problems from a 3 or 5ml shot of Test 500! Either way thatís 1500mg or more in one shot! NOT recommended.

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    I have pinned high concentrations of test e 500... once I was done with the shit I purchased, I had to stop. I do prop 150 mg and it isn't fun.

    BTW it is kinda silly to limit to 1cc injection. I mean, the higher concentration is for the purpose of putting more into the barrel. Otherwise, why not just do test 250 at 2 cc and get the same 500 mg of test?

    But good post. Anyone who does this high concentration shouldn't be surprised at some of the hurt and lumps that will come with it.

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    I tolerate it very well. Running the test E 500 with bold 500 and primo 200
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