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    Hello everyone! CRAZY DOSER is here. This time I want to speak about STANOZOLOL. A bane of your joints or best compound for cutting? Letís find out.

    Tablet STANOZOLOL, also known as injectable WINSTROL, is a very popular compound with high anabolic activity (meaning an ability to cause muscle hypertrophy by affecting protein synthesis) and lowers SHBG perfetly (elevated SHBG causes a lot of side effects).

    Newcomers love to use WINSTROL in a stack with TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE as an excellent combination of highly androgenic with highly anabolic compound. It keeps muscle mass very cut. You wonít get as much as you can say on METHANDIENONE but the gains acquired on WINNY will be an excellent muscle mass.

    Lately, competitive athletes switch from injectable to oral form of the product, a month before the event. This happens due to a strict pre-event diet that lowers the immunity. As a result the injections can give local inflammations and abscesses. It has nothing to do with a quality of the product. Just he body's reaction to mechanical stimulation of muscle tissue by STANOZOLOL particles.

    For those who practice high intensity training STANOZOLOL can cause significant joint pain that can affect you during rest and sleep, which is caused by the water remove from the articular bags. Those who donít want to stop the intense training it is recommended to use 20mg per day dosage.

    About water suspensions: Nowadays there is a perfect opportunity to replace water suspension with oil solutions of no ester pharm. base, like TNE (TESTOSTERONE NO ESTER) and probably no ester TRENBOLONE.

    CRAZY DOSER recommends: I believe having steroid oil solutions with no ester can completely replace water suspension. Trust me, having an access to these solutions will never be the same as having risk of sterile abscesses that you can get from the water base suspension in your cycle.

    No doubt WINSTROL is an excellent short compound for gaining cut mucsle mass. Use it wisely and donít go for overkill.

    You can find both ORAL and INJECTION form of the compound in our store.

    Stay tuned for more!

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    Good readings.

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