whats up ASF
i bought some HCG Hucog 5000iu. And i havent seen much information about it.
i bought 2 pregnancy tests, and followed the instructions on the box, i used a different syringe and needle for each test.
this is hucog 5000 vs pharma hucog.
lucky for me i got any images before i ran out of space. but i got these 2.
my conclusion came down to the idea that the hucog clearly isnt as potent.
the pharma test has one distinct line, and the second is faint. this is an indication of positive pregnancy test because its an hcg test from within urine.
the hucog has one distinct line, and also a faint line. but it wasnt as easily visible , giving me the idea that possibly the hucog is g2g but possibly not as potent. tho im no scientist and since its a premixed bottle, perhaps the mixing agent throws the test a bit.
included are the 2 images of my findings,
this is my first contribution to the community other than being a little jerkoff. small, but its a start. and i look forward to being able to try new things such as this.