Liver Support for Pets? Tudca?

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    Liver Support for Pets? Tudca?

    I'm trying to get the dog's liver values back in normal range. Vet gave us a bottle of guess what...milk thistle. And blood work still sucks. Anyone try giving their pet tudca? And if so, what kind of dosage? I've seen studies for humans recommending 20mg per kg of body weight. All the animal liver aids look like ours, so I'm thinking tudca should work too?

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    reminds me of my dog when I was a kid. 15 years old hammering some Rolling rock and my dog, Sadie (RIP) would pull her water bowl out and Id drop half a beer in it and shed slurp it all up. Repeat every other beer. She lived until she was like 17 years old (human years) .... she prolly needed liver support. God I loved that dog.

    Anyways... in for human treatments that work for dogs

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