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More Favorable Metabolic Impact of Three-Times-Weekly versus Daily Growth Hormone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Procard View Post
    If it is pharm, everyday I do well. Chines generic (the really good kits I get) it takes 3 iu's. What that doe is it enable my body to heal and repair itself. Metabolism, sleep, skin are all enhanced.

    My injuries heal more quickly. I will not put on any noticeable size. At a higher dose I might gain a little size. At 57 I am primarily interested in the anti aging component. Running 4 or 5 iu's I am able to make progress on my weakest body parts like chest and biceps. In 3 years I will hit 60. I have enough size I just need to bring up some more lagging parts and get my waist under control. Hopefully, I will be able to get y procard then.

    I need to run low dosage GH permanently.
    excellent feedback my man thank you I was just curious on how others respond and you actually some that up with two of my next questions which was going to be pharma grade versed generics...

    I'm pretty much the same..

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    This may just be an ergo hoc procter hoc, But when I do a big shot 3 times a week it seems I get growth the next day. I know this is probably only water retention, but I really get sick pumps, similar to what I get from anavar.

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