Another beautiful TD

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    Another beautiful TD

    Just wanted to share my beautiful touch down with yall. Just switched to Basicstero a few cycles back. Man are these guys the shit! their price with sick discount are unbelievable compare to some out there.

    Usually when prices are good the product is just ok. But not with these guys. The design, the label, the vile, the cap, the info paper on the inside of he box. the quality of the fucking oil is amazing. EVEN THE LITTLE BOX IS NICE!

    let me tell you I used to pin with 25g -27g to not get so much PIP. When I first got my test e from them I was so excited to pin I forgot to change my gauge after drawing from the vile. So I pinned with 22g! and I didn't feel shit! now its what I always use! Goes to show that grape seed oil is super nice!

    Any way I'm talking to much big up to these guys keep up the good job. You got a long time customer.

    Here is my TD from yesterday plus a bonus from my previous order at the bottom cuz I forgot to post then Sorry my first pic is so shitty was in a rush.


    TD1 (1).jpg
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    very nice
    enjoy it brother!

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