Hello everyone! CRAZY DOSER is here! Iíve got some news to share. We are eager to announce that SP LABS once again pleased us greatly by manufacturing new products. The trade names of these products are SUSTANON FORTE and ENANTHATE FORTE. Both have new finish form: 500 MG/ML which is twice as much as their previous forms (500 vs 250). A good solution if you donít want to buy additional vials and prefer to keep everything in one place.

What else to expect form SP LABS? High-quality products manufactured by using high-grade equipment and made by a manufacturer with long and stable history of presence on the market. Perhaps many fans of SUPERTEST-450 will be pleased by new high concentration products and include these new compounds in their cycles.

We are most pleased with SP LABS manufacturing dynamic, we hope that the company will keep their constant tempo and make customers happy with new products. Stay tuned for more!
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