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low dose deca?

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Thread: low dose deca?

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    Iíve never ran deca but I have ran NPP and would highly recommend running that since u wanna stay on the dryer side of things

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcammy View Post
    If you're looking for some good size...I usually run 1000ml test and 600ml of deca. Takes a little while for deca to kick in unless you're going with npp so I usually kick start it with 50mg a day with dbol. One of my fav cycles.

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    this right here, i always ran it big with test, im cruising right now i take 3 sustenon shots a week to keep deca running with the test i have the dq test mix and another brand sus 500, so yea the npp is good too but i run that in a rip blend 3 times a week when im on it, you definately wanna run deca its anabolic i get great gains and joint relief from it, guys jumped ship on it recently but its always been my go to cycle and im a old busted up guy now so i need the joint relief, ill be bringing it up soon, probably go from the 1 cc three times a week to 2 then summer time 3 cc 3 times a week, right now im running eq and i always loved the muscle it will give you, its a slow steady gain of dry muscle, i hear guys knock it but they havnt ran it long term at the proper dose because i know many many friend through out the yrs we ran it all and the eq always gave us steady lean gains, come on look at a race horse you see them cuts hahaha man you stay on that shit its a safe roid man stay on and reap the benefits,

    oh yea DECA GOOD DECA GOOD !!!!!!! LOL

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