The bodybuilding world always seems to have some type of controversy on and off the stage.

The popular bodybuilder Lee Priest is not far away from controversy with his comments and actions.

Lee has been suspended for life by the IFBB and also had his problems with the NPC/Pro League.

During an interview on Muscle Asylum TV, Lee Priest did not hold back on his comments towards Tony Doherty, the NPC/Pro League, and the IFBB.

The interview with Lee Priest was published on 2 January 2019 and Tony’s Doherty’s was published on 7 January 2019.
Lee made it known that he and the President of IFBB Australia Paul Graham, are still on bad terms. Lee believes that the athletes in the past should of got together as a team and protested against Paul Graham and the IFBB Australia.

Before 2017, all the Pro League shows were affiliated to the IFBB Australia with Tony Doherty included. There are rules within each federation and Lee Priest did not agree with a lot of them.

Lee not only talked negatively about the IFBB Australia, but he also mentioned a number of problems within the NPC/Pro League.
During the interview, Mark Grech tried everything to make Lee Priest say something positive about the federation (NPC/Pro League) he and Tony Doherty are associated with, but Lee would have nothing of it.

While Lee talked about his suspension, he found it funny that Tony Doherty contacted him after seven years.

Lee said before he was suspended for life, he used to talk to Tony Doherty all the time and compete at his shows.

Lee went on to explain that after he received his life ban from the IFBB, he lost all contact from Tony and everybody else within the NPC/Pro League.
The hype is understandable, but I'm curious to see a legend like Lee Priest